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Automotive Technology

Automotive 136 weeks Elective Course
#8506 3 credits
Needs: Recommendation of Counselor
Automotive 236 weeks Elective Course
#8507 3 credits
Needs: Automotive Tech I

Auto Tech is a class made to improve preparation for entry into the field of automotive business. First year students will learn and practice general service, maintenance, and upkeep of all parts of an automobile, such as brakes, engine repair, and tune-up. Only state-of-the-art-technology is taught.

This class involves study and experience in engine repair, electrical systems, and front-end alignment. Instruction and training are also provided to develop a thorough understanding of design, construction, and operation of all automotive units. Techniques which entail diagnostic testing devices to determine the cause of faulty operations, or to properly adjust complex automotive devices and systems, are an integral part of this course. With approval and recommendations of the teacher, students may spend time in actual job work experience during the second semester.

Major Units of Study

  1. Safety
  2. Shop Routine
  3. Engines
  4. Fuel Systems
  5. Exhaust Systems
  6. Electrical Systems
  7. Diagnostic Performance
  8. Suspension Systems
  9. Steering Alignment
  10. Brake Systems
  11. Drive Train
  12. Heating & A/C Systems
  13. Cooling Systems
  14. Troubleshooting
  15. State Inspection Regulations
  16. Cost Accounting/Inventory Control
  17. Practical Work Experience
  18. SkillsUSA Activities

Desirable Aptitudes and Background Courses
The student should have a desire to succeed, be dependable, be mechanically inclined, have good eyesight, hearing, and a manual dexterity. Helpful elective courses include: technology education and electronics. A good background in math and physical science is important.

Employment Opportunities
The employment outlook for mechanics is expected to continue to increase. Mechanics make up the largest repair occupation in the labor force. Opportunities for advancement are great for the skilled mechanic. A willingness to pursue additional training after high school is essential for successful mechanics

Wages may vary from one location to another and will vary according to ability, experience, and area of mechanical skill. However, wages are considered to be high for mechanics in this field with yearly salaries ranging in excess of $50,000.

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