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Computer Aided Drafting & 3D Animation

Drafting 1

36 Weeks, 3 Credits, Course No. 8530

Dual Enrollment Option

From drafting to architecture and animation to 3D printing, Computer Aided Drafting (also known as CAD) is the workhorse behind the engineering design and the architecture industry. Learn the fundamentals of engineering and design and other types of drafting through architecture and animation. You will become familiar with industry terminology, the proper use of drafting tools and equipment and all of the related software (including 3D printing) while being introduced to the fundamentals of 3D animation to assist in engineering design and architecture. You will also use the engineering design process for prototyping. The option to compete in SkillsUSA events gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills learned throughout the year. 


Drafting 2

36 Weeks, 3 Credits, Course No. 8531

Dual Enrollment Option

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Drafting I

During the second-year, you will be introduced to more advanced  architecture, drafting and 3D animation. This class is more project based to continue learning the industry and preparing for industry certifications. You will also have the option to compete in SkillsUSA to showcase the skills you learned throughout the year.