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36 weeks Course #8527 Elective 3 credits Prerequisite: Recommendation of Counselor 3 periods.

Cosmetology 1 serves as a foundation for the entire cosmetology curriculum, familiarizing the student with basic procedures which will, with practice, lead to the skills of the occupation. Emphasis is placed on professional ethics, image development, and the manipulative skills required of a licensed cosmetologist.

36 weeks Course #8528 Elective 3 credits Prerequisite: Cosmetology 1 3 periods.

In this course, students expand on knowledge and skills which are required for licensure. Emphasis is placed on advanced technique, with increased speed and perfection. Most of the lab work is performed on patrons from the school and community. This allows students to gain the skills needed to ensure a smooth transition from school into industry.

One entering this field of study should have an interest in people and a pleasing personality. Good grooming, dexterity, coordination, a sense of form, good color concepts, and artistry are important traits to possess. Communication skills, some knowledge of the basic art principles, and a basic understanding of chemistry and math would be desirable.

Upon successful completion of this course , the student will be eligible to take the Virginia State Cosmetology Board Examinations. When the license is received the cosmetologist is qualified for employment. Advancement may come in the form of higher earnings as experience is gained and a steady clientele is acquired. Many cosmetologists become specialists in one more fields of the beauty industry. Salaries are determined only by the ability and ambition of the individual. Hermitage Technical Center serves students from: Deep Run HS, Freeman HS, Godwin HS, Hermitage HS, Tucker HS, Glen Allen HS, Highland Springs HS, and Varina HS. The salon Business LINKS National accrediting commission of cosmetology arts and sciences salon Professionals Cosmetology Careers National Centers for careers and technical Education.


  1. Professional Image
  2. Bacteriology, Decontamination and Infection Control
  3. Properties of the Hair, Scalp, Skin and Nails
  4. Draping, Shampooing, Rinsing and Conditioning
  5. Hairstyling- Wet and Thermal
  6. Artistry in Hairstyling
  7. Haircutting
  8. Artificial Hair
  9. Chemistry
  10. Chemical Services: Permanent Waving, Relaxing and Soft Curl Permanent, Hair Color
  11. Manicures/ Pedicures Nail and Nail Disorders

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