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Diesel Technologies

Diesel Technology 1

36 Weeks, 3 Credits, Course No. 8613

Dual Enrollment Option

From trains to buses and cranes to backhoes, diesel-powered equipment is the workhorse behind the commercial and industrial industry. This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of medium and heavy truck and other types of diesel equipment technology. You will become familiar with shop safety, the proper use of hand, power tools and other related test equipment. You will also be introduced to diesel engine fundamentals and rebuild, medium and heavy truck diagnosis and troubleshooting of the turbocharger, starting, charging, basic electricity, hydraulic braking systems and basic cutting torch operations. Learn how to perform preventative maintenance & inspections, VA state vehicle inspections and also why it is crucial to today’s vehicles and equipment.


Diesel Technology 2

36 Weeks, 3 Credits, Course No. 8614

Dual Enrollment Option

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Diesel Technology 1

In year two, you will be introduced to diesel engine electrical, fuel injection and computer diagnosis and repair with the use of several different computer and other related test equipment. Included is an introduction to steering/suspension, Air Brake diagnosis and repair. You will also learn basic MIG, stick welding and plasma cutting as part of the class, as well as expanding the skills and knowledge base needed by today’s technicians.