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Electricity & Cabling I – 36 Weeks, 3 Credits, Course No. 8533
Prerequisite: Recommendation of Counselor

Electricity & Cabling I is designed to provide preparation of students for entry into electricity-related occupations. Basic principles of electricity are stressed in the first year, with emphasis on residential wiring. Fundamentals are learned through the use of materials, tools, and techniques used in installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical equipment. Students will spend time at actual construction sites. NOTE: Students can earn one year of a four-year state/national approved apprenticeship program. Students will have the opportunity to earn the 10-hour OSHA certification. Students who qualify may be placed with an electrical contractor for summer work.

Electricity & Cabling II – 36 Weeks, 3 Credits, Course No. 8534
Prerequisite: Electricity & Cabling I

The second year Electricity & Cabling student continues to study direct, and alternating current (AC/DC), industrial electricity, and motors, as related to practical laboratory work in home, and industrial wiring. All projects include applied math, theory, and fundamentals in the field of electricity. Students may participate in the construction of a house. With approval, and recommendation of the teacher, students may spend time in actual work experiences during the second semester. NOTE: students can earn one year of a four-year state/national approved apprenticeship program.

Major Units of Study

  1. Basic electrical theory
  2. Methods of wiring
  3. Appliance repair
  4. Residential wiring
  5. Industrial wiring
  6. Residential blueprint reading
  7.  Motor controls
  8. Electric motors
  9. Electrical codes
  10. Electric vehicle technology
  11. Practical work experience
  12. SkillsUSA youth organization

Recommended Background Courses
A good background in mathematics would be of great value to a student entering this field. Classes in technical drawing, and technology education would be helpful. The student should be able to work with his hands.

Desirable Aptitudes
Persons interested in this field should be in good health, have good manual dexterity, and good eyesight. Good hand-eye coordination, and following instructions are vital, as is the ability to manipulate small tools, and electrical equipment.

Employment Opportunities
Electricians are employed in every city, town, and community through the country, and the world. Continued growth is expected, and there is always a demand for electricians.

Skilled and experienced electrical workers make over $30/hr. The field of electricity is one of the highest paid areas in the construction business. Salaries may vary according to specialty, experience, location of employment, and ability.

Students who complete this program are prime applicants for the Electrical Apprenticeship Programs in the Richmond area. In addition, the apprenticeship credit enhances any college engineering degree. Please feel free to call to talk with the instructor.

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