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Electricity and Cabling 1

36 Weeks, 3 Credits, Course No. 8533

Basic principles of electricity are stressed in year one, with an emphasis on safety and residential wiring. Fundamentals are learned through the use of materials, tools, installation techniques and maintenance of electrical equipment. You will have the ability to spend time on construction sites. You will also have the opportunity to earn the 10-Hour OSHA safety certification. If you qualify, you may be placed with an electrical contractor for summer work.


Electricity and Cabling 2

36 Weeks, 3 Credits, Course No. 8534

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Electricity and Cabling 1

During year two, you will continue to study direct and alternating current (AC/DC), industrial electricity and motors, as related to practical laboratory residential and industrial wiring. All projects include applied math, theory and fundamentals in the field of electricity. You may participate in the construction of a house. With approval, and recommendation of the teacher, students may spend time in actual work experiences during the second semester. NOTE: students can earn one year of a four-year state/national approved apprenticeship program.