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Greenhouse Management

36 Weeks, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Period- 3 Credits- Course No.8035
Prerequisite: Recommendation of Counselor

Course Description
Greenhouse Management is a one-year course in greenhouse production of plants, floral design, and interior “plantscaping”. This includes the growing of flowers, bedding plants, house plants, and ornamental greenery, while working in a controlled greenhouse environment. Students study floral design, plant propagation, and transplanting of plants.

Major emphasis is placed on the production and sale of poinsettias at Christmas and other seasonal crops. Retail and wholesale marketing of plants is taught through a variety of plant sales in which students receive experience in operating a simulated business.

Units of Study:

  1. Retail and Wholesale Marketing of Plants
  2. Greenhouse Management
  3. Greenhouse Production:
    1. Poinsettias
    2. Annuals
    3. Perennials
    4. Herbs
    5. Vegetables
  4. Design/Floral Arranging
  5. Soil Science and Nutrients
  6. Horticulture Therapy
  7. Plant Identification
  8. Special occasion planning

Desirable Aptitudes:
Students should have interest in plants, enjoy being close to nature, are industrious, and don’t mind hard work. Applicants should possess good creativity, basic art skills, and enjoy working with their hands. If you have an interest in plants and floral design, you should consider taking Greenhouse Management.

Employment Outlook and Salaries:
The future for qualified Greenhouse Management personnel is very promising. Salaries vary according to your position, experience and level of training. Students with strong career ambitions should continue their education in a 2 or 4 year degree program in Horticulture.

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