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STEM: Precision Machining Technology

STEM: Precision Machining 1

36 Weeks, 3 credits, Course No. 8539                                

NASA to Automobiles. Prototype to Automation. Almost everything you own or can touch was made by machinists or with tools made by machinists. In this class, you will plan and make precision finished parts from raw material using machine tools. You will have the opportunity to create your own parts and projects as you learn basic precision machining and CNC skills. Even more important, you will practice the kind of problem solving skills that enhance your performance in every area of life.

This program prepares you for entry-level jobs in the machine tool trade. You will learn to safely set up and operate milling machines, lathes, grinders and drill presses. You will also learn to read engineering drawings and precision measuring tools and learn the basics of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine set up and operation. Basic MIG and stick welding is used in completing projects. The program is designed around the National Institute for Metalworking skills (NIMS) credentials.


STEM: Precision Machining 2

36 Weeks, 3 credits, Course No. 8540

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Precision Machining 1

Second-year students learn to apply more advanced machining practices. You will gain a greater understanding of engineering drawings, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming, machine set up and operation. You will also use advanced tolerances and measuring, CAD systems, CNC lathe, CNC Mills, assembly and repair.  Learn to create or repair your own projects.