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Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science I

36 weeks, 3 credits, Course No. 8088

This is a 2-year program for students interested in animal related careers. In this course students will learn fundamental topics such as: veterinary medical terminology, animal anatomy, exploring industry, companion animal breeds/behavior and pet death/dying.  Students will also develop practical skills for companion animal care and handling, safe dog/cat restraint and basic grooming. Throughout the course students will also be taught and practice workplace readiness skills, such as: integrity, strong work ethic, teamwork, problem solving, professionalism and communication skills. Students will develop functional resumes and practice the interview process with partners from industry, in preparation for entering the workforce. This course includes the Workplace Readiness certification.  


Veterinary Science 2

36 weeks, 3 credits, Course No. 8089

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Veterinary Science 1

During year two, you will learn and practice skills necessary to gain employment as a veterinary assistant. Topics include laboratory, disease and vaccines, parasitology, pharmacology, surgical instruments and procedures, first aid and bandaging, genetics/breeding and other hospital procedures. If you qualify, you will have the opportunity for practical work experience in the second semester.

Emphasis is on entrance into college and careers in animal-related fields. At the end of the year, students will sit for the Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications Certification.