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Game Design and Web Development

Game Design and Web Development 1

36 Weeks, 3 credits, Course No. 6680

Option for Dual Enrollment

Are you interested in expanding your ability from a user of technology to an actual developer? Yes? This course is for you! Game Design and Web Development is an introduction to computer science and software engineering. You will learn and understand the significance between human interaction, problem solving, web development and programming. Develop a proficiency in designing and creating desktop-published projects, multimedia presentations/projects and Web sites using industry-standard application software. You will apply principles of layout and design in completing projects. Create portfolios that include a resume and a variety of desktop-published, multimedia and Web-site projects produced in the course. You will also learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.


Game Design and Web Development 2

36 Weeks, 3 credits, Course No. 6681

Option for Dual Enrollment

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Game Design and Web Development 1

During second-year, you will develop advanced skills for creating desktop-published, multimedia and web site projects. You will work with sophisticated hardware and software, applying skills to real-world projects. Building on your foundation of programming skills, you will advance to using object-oriented programming to develop database applications, interactive multimedia applications including game applications, mobile applications and web applications.